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Is your business built on SHOULD?

For the past 3 days, I’ve been trying to finish this blog post.

Not THIS blog post, but a different blog post. Yesterday, while in major procrastination mode, I went perusing through my collection of half written blog post drafts and I discovered that I have tried to write that post on several different occasions from different angles.


In addition to the time I spent writing different versions of the post, there’s the all the time I spent thinking about the post. It sounded something like this…

“You should write that blog post.”

“You need to finish that blog post.”

“Why aren’t you writing that blog post?”


Again, wow.

If I have to berate myself into misery to get the thing written, it’s not going to come out in an open and expansive way. And people don’t connect with things that don’t come out in an open and expansive – they just aren’t all that enjoyable for anyone.

I mean, do you march along thinking to yourself…

“I’m dying to pay to work with someone who is all tied up in knots, creating out of misery,.”

“I’m looking for that person who is having a horrible, depressing, not fun time in their biz. I bet they can help me!”

“I want the person who is hiding their true self from the world and offering something they aren’t all that into.”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say ABSOLUTELY NOT! You want to hire people who are excited and happy and inspired, right?!! Well, your clients do, too.

There’s no reason to be unhappy in your business.

Sure, some things are less fun than others. And yes, sometimes, you have to do the unhappy to even know that you aren’t into it.

And of course, even the things you *want* to do will make you uncomfortable for certain reasons like getting outside your comfort zone and pushing past blocks.

But, it’s important to establish the difference between the *shoulds* – the stuff you’re forcing yourself to do because you think you have to – and the *wants*…


The stuff that just flows out of you and makes you all warm and fuzzy and giggly and smiley.

The stuff that makes the world feel like this magical place where everything makes sense.

So, what’s up? Is your biz built on the *shoulds* or the *wants*???

Do you want to gouge your eyes out every time you think about that lead you need to follow up on or that shopping cart you were going to set up or that program you haven’t gotten around to launching?

Sheesh! Give yourself  break.

You are totally allowed to trade in the *shoulds* for the fun stuff! <– tweet this!


p.s. If you don’t know where *should* stops and *want* begins, get in touch, we can get you sorted. There’s no reason to struggle, that’s probably a *should* talking, too. Only 24 hours left to take advantage of getting the Own Your Weird program AT 50% OFF!

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How to be successful at everything you do

According to the dictionary, SUCCESS is ‘a favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence (a position of prominence or superiority).’

And it’s synonymous with blockbuster, megahit, smash, hit, supernova and winner. The antonyms, of course, being dud, flop, misfire, turkey, lemon and fizzle.

No wonder so many of us are walking around feeling like losers.

Our definition of ‘success’ has been set to mean… whatever you did made a big splash. Got you loads of money. Or fame. Or power.

But what if it made no splash at all? By this definition, that makes it a failure?

I don’t like that one bit!

I don’t like my ability to feel good about what I’m doing tied to forces out of my control.

Do you?

The thing is… we have control over VERY FEW things. Pretty much just our actions
and reactions.

We can’t control other people and we can’t control outcomes of what we do. This puts ‘success as a favorable or desired outcome’ completely out of our control.

So what can we do?

It’s really very simple: change the way we measure success.

(Yes, we are totally allowed to set our own definition of success.)

I mean, who made up this definition anyway?

Just other people in another time.

A time when wealth and fame and power were the ultimate reward.

I don’t think that’s so relevant anymore.

What if we bump SUCCESS back a notch and instead of waiting around to see the outcome… we mark the effort as success?

A few weeks ago, I decided to stop measuring the success of my biz by the number of paying clients I have and instead measure it by the amount of FUN I’m having everyday.

In the end, we just wanna feel good 🙂

And lemme tell ya, I’ve become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL at nearly everything I do!

So, if you were to change the way you measured success… what would be your new unit of measurement? Would you instantly become wildly successful?

Would knowing you’ll always be successful change what you’d go after in life and biz?

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Leverage your special breed of WEIRD in your business!

Do you know your idiosyncrasies??

They might be pain points from your past… things you got teased for, shamed over and generally embarrassed about.

But here’s the thing, you aren’t a kid on the school yard anymore or vying for love from your parents.

And the good news about that?

You have permission to CELEBRATE these qualities. 

That’s right, you can stop hiding them and instead, LEVERAGE them to serve you.

This is the foundation of bringing the weird out in your biz.

Lemme show you, here are a few of my idiosyncrasies and how I’m leveraging them in my biz:

  1. The unique and WEIRD. — I help people celebrate their weird (this is getting meta!)
  2. Fresh ideas – millions of them! — Creative brainstorming for branding and marketing strategies
  3. Getting REALLY excited about things — Providing encouragement, cheerleading, accountability
  4. Being really sensitive — I use my intuitive gifts to help people dig out the root of what’s going on
  5. Spirit animals — Stay tuned, this is coming soon!
  6. Geometric shapes — I’ve been a graphic/web designer since 1998
  7. Talking in funny voices — General entertainment and laughs

So, what about you? What are those qualities you (or others) have deemed too weird for public?

Make a list. And then, do a little brainstorming about how you can leverage them to your advantage.

Share them in the comments for bonus points!!

gimme space!


gimme space!

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How to get un-confused

Does it feel like sometimes the only thing you’re clear on is that you’re feeling confused?

Here’s how to get un-confused:

1. Stop saying ‘I’m confused.’

When we say “I’m confused” – we’re reaffirming being confused. We’re actually intending it. And that creates… yup, more confused.

You actually aren’t confused at all. You’re in a very specific process of discovery to which you can’t foresee the future path (very few of us can).

Just roll with it.

2. Get curious!

Ask questions. Wonder about it. Be playful. Trust you know the answers.

Feel what it feels like to feel open and clear. What it feels like to be at the cusp of a great realization, and then… let go of all your ideas of what it *should* be like and just let it be what it is.

Often, our insistance on this whole being confused thing is happening because we’re having an inner conflict about the answers we’re getting.

Don’t fight it!

3. Go do something else instead.

If you’re ‘confused,’ the LAST thing you need to spend more time doing is thinking about whatever you’re trying to figure out.

The more you try, the closer you get to it. The closer you get to it, the less you can see what’s actually going on.

At this point, you’re probably in major frustration mode. Frustration and clarity are like oil and water. It aint gonna happen right now!

Walk. Away.

Go do something FUN. Something OPENING. Something that makes you giggle and see the world in a new way.


Put the soundtrack of your life in your ears, go outside and take a nice long walk.

Breathe deep.


Lay in the grass.

4. Let it happen.

Look up at the sky and see how big and empty it is. That’s the space you need to feel in order for the answers come fill it.

And they will.

When all the pressure to find the *right* answers is gone, when you’re least expecting it, you’ll get that flash of insight.

And don’t forget to tell the universe… thank you.

gimme space!

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Just say NO to struggling

Do you ever just feel like giving up?

Like all this struggling just isn’t worth it…

I mean, really… what’s the point of struggling?

Does it actually have a point?

Does it *actually* make things happen?

Have you been saying YES to working soooooo damn hard to figuring things out?

Are you just OVER IT?

Are you so close to it that your eyes are crossing and all you can see are colors blurring?

What if you just try giving up and doing nothing instead?

I give you permission to quit. To give up. To walk away.

To go spend the afternoon walking through the park, crunching the fall leaves and marveling at how the 4pm sun makes the trees glow.

Instead of struggling, go visit the ducks and stare up at the vultures and watch the squirrels bury their nuts.

They aren’t struggling, they’re hangin out. And you should too.

I. Give. You. Permission.

Ask for what you want

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

I know, I know… that sounds too easy!

But it’s true.

By not asking, you’re basically already telling yourself no. So you’ve already reached the worst case scenario just by not doing anything.

It can go something like this…

Dear Universe,

Show me the way to clients who are ready to invest in their branding and marketing. Who want to be unique and stand out. Who are financially able and emotionally/energetically ready to do the work and have some fun!

You are amazing and I LOVE YOU and humbly thank you for helping me ♥





SO, what do you really really want? Do you want help? Clarity? Fresh opportunities? What is it?

How being yourself in your business can get you the sale

It was 4am when I left my friends’ apartment in the West Village so I decided to cab it home to Brooklyn.

The driver was this tiny man and as soon as I got in his cab, he threw a handful of bangles at me and exclaimed “Try them on, see which ones fit!” And then started blasting Bollywood.

And I was thinking… oh dear, this man is a wee bit nutty.

He proceeded to serenade me while driving like a maniac through lower Manhattan.

And then, right as he got on the bridge, he started waving around a fist full of snakes. SNAKES!!

And then I was thinking… WHAT THE HALE IS GOING ON?? This man is absolutely nuts. I might die in this cab.

It took me half way across the bridge to realize the snakes were wooden. (seriously, they looked real!)

When we got off the bridge, his insanity continued. Including attempting to peddle his wooden snakes out the window while we were stopped at a red light and yelling at me for talking on my cell phone.

I made it home in one piece and as flabbergasted as I was by the whole thing, on my way out of the cab, I bought an insanely overpriced $10 snake from him.

I mean, I had to… RIGHT??!!

This is the snake.

Before this experience, I had zero interest in wooden snakes. But $10 was a small price to pay for a commemorative keepsake of tiny man’s wild ride. I probably would have even paid $20.

Had this been a completely normal, quiet and respectful cab ride that ended with him asking if I wanted to buy a snake, the answer probably would have been no.

But because he spent the entire time I was in the cab setting up the sale by adding a value to the snake with his performance, he turned a normally meaningless dollar store toy into a treasured keepsake. There’s a lot we can learn about branding, marketing and sales from this guy’s antics.

He took something common and whatever, a cab ride, and transformed it into a unique and memorable experience just by adding his own breed of flair to it. And because of it, was able to tack an extra $10 onto his fare.

This approach can be applied to any business.

What aspects of your personality can you bring into your biz that would get your clients buying anything you wave infront of their face?

Tell me in the comments below or over on Facebook

(Acting like a crazy person is optional but if that’s your thing – totally rock it!)

If you’re wondering how to take YOUR wooden snake from EH to OUTRAGEOUS, sign-up for a Bring Out Your Weird! Session where we’ll get you seeing value where you’ve never seen it before.

My treat! (yes, that means it won’t cost you anything!)

It’s OKAY to change your mind. And your focus.

I got my first graphic design job in 1998, the summer after my junior year of high school. I went on to be a yearbook editor, major in media art, design for ad agencies and creative direct for a print house. But a few years ago, I started to question whether design was really for me.

I just wasn’t all that happy doing the work. So when I started my own business, I forced myself out of being a graphic designer…

I changed my LinkedIn profile.

I took all the design offerings out of my programs.

I sent out an email to everyone I know announcing my new biz.

I was so happy to tell the whole world what I was up to. I announced it all over the place – on Facebook, Twitter, in workshop forums. I had new programs that were 100% coaching. It felt amazing. I felt free! I didn’t have to do this thing that felt draining.

Since I had decided to ditch what I had been doing for the last 14 years of my life, I embarked on a “find my purpose and passion journey.” Much to my frustration, design kept popping back up for me…

In journalling for workshops I was doing.

In my obsession with pretty things.

All over the life story I wrote out to see what skills, interestes, and experience I had to draw from.

In client and friend reactions to my ditching design – “Congrats! Awe, are you sure? You’re so good at it!”

I tried my hardest to push it all away, but it was a part of me. So I took a look at what had really been making me unhappy. And I realized, it wasn’t the design! It was that my work wasn’t always helping people.

I saw the jobs I enjoyed most were for the clients who used nicely designed materials as well thought out tools to further their message. The rest of the clients meant well but hadn’t fully hit on their message yet. Which also meant, they were kind of a nightmare to work with because they had no idea what they wanted and were never happy with the end result.

There it was:

The prettiest designs in the world can’t help us if we don’t know what we’re trying to do! And the best designer in the world can’t make us the thing that perfectly represents us if we don’t know what we’re trying to represent.

So, with my new understanding and renewed love for design, I’ve put together a program that combines getting super clear on what your biz is all about, the experience you want to create for your clients AND a kick-ass web suite to match.

Introducing Jumpstart!  (Check it out!)

Why People Don’t Charge for Their Services – and Why You Should Start

As seen on The Irresistible Business

Putting a price tag on your skills can bring up all kinds of uncomfortable stuff. The more passionate you are about something, the more it starts to feel like a deep piece of you. Charging for access can make you wonder if what you have is actually worth cash and if people will really pay for it. Here are a few common mindsets that keep us stuck in the free zone, debunked.

1. I can’t charge because I don’t know what I’m doing. I need more experience.

This is a common one that comes up when first starting out. Maybe you just graduated or are venturing out on your own. First of all, no one knows everything about a subject. Accept that you don’t and you never will. Also accept that you know enough, now. Way more than the average person. That’s what people are paying you for – to help them with what they don’t know about. Beginners don’t need to learn from an expert, they can learn just as well from an intermediate. Start using what you know, and when you know more, you’ll use that too.

2. People can’t afford to pay. We’re in a recession.

As service providers, it’s not up to us to decide if people can afford what we’re offering. Whatever ideas we might have about whether or not people can afford something are entirely speculation. Even if you only look at statistics, the unemployment rate at the writing of this is 8.2%. That means 91.8% of the workforce is employed. Plenty of people have a regular paycheck and the unemployed spend money, too.

Here’s the thing — the cost of something is dynamic and isn’t just about the number on the price tag. Once a potential client understands what they will really gain by buying the product or service, your rates will always look like a deal!

Ask questions that draw out what the person’s goals are in relation to what you’re selling, and how their life would be better if they could reach those goals. Only deliver your price after they see the value. Start thinking about and referring to the rate as an “investment.” Remember that people will be getting a huge return on this investment long after the relationship is over.

3. I’m afraid that if I start charging, everything will change.

If you start charging for something you used to give out for free, things will change. Some, or maybe all, of the people you had been gifting your services to might not want to pay for them. This is completely okay. You will find new people who are willing to pay. When you are providing a service to someone, you and the recipient are engaging in an exchange of energy. When you charge for the service, the recipient is giving their energy in the form of money. When they buy it, the client is making a direct choice about what they want. Because of this deliberate choice, they will be more invested in the transformation and be able to get what they want out of it.

How do you feel about charging for your skills? 

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