I don’t know if it’s the combo of Mercury retrograde, doing a cleanse and working through resistance in taking action in my biz, but I’ve been feeling incredibly angry this week. Over the course of the week, I’ve gotten into a few heated debates on Facebook about social issues near and dear to my heart and have had several past work situations come back to haunt my brain. These aren’t abnormal incidents in my life, it was more the extreme way they were affecting me.

Once a hyper aware state has lasted for a few days, I eventually realize this isn’t just some isolated appearance of intense emotion, it means an epic a-ha is coming my way. And, a-ha I did.

My a-ha was two-fold:

1. People can’t hear you if you aren’t saying it. I wasn’t speaking my full truth. As a result I didn’t feel like I was being heard.

2. I can’t rely on other people’s Facebook pages and boardroom meetings for all of my truth sharing. It’s really important to me to dig up the truth in a situation and share it. However, not everyone wants to hear the truth. And in some situations, there isn’t any singular truth.

The conclusion:

If I want to always have a space where I can share my ideas, thoughts and opinions, how and when I want, to an audience asking to hear it, I need to build my own platform.

I’m a truth teller.

Truth is delivered and received in different ways depending on the situation. There is sharing your truth with people who are asking to hear it and there is sharing your truth whether someone is asking or not. There is value in both situations but there also needs to be a balance. Us humans need to feel heard and accepted. Crazy ideas included. Friends, family and boses will not always provide that.

For every personal truth spoken out there in the world, there is a group of people wanting to hear it and learn it. Find those people, and speak your truth. Don’t ever stop sharing your ideas.

What is your truth? Where is your platform? Who is your audience?

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