Do you ever just feel like giving up?

Like all this struggling just isn’t worth it…

I mean, really… what’s the point of struggling?

Does it actually have a point?

Does it *actually* make things happen?

Have you been saying YES to working soooooo damn hard to figuring things out?

Are you just OVER IT?

Are you so close to it that your eyes are crossing and all you can see are colors blurring?

What if you just try giving up and doing nothing instead?

I give you permission to quit. To give up. To walk away.

To go spend the afternoon walking through the park, crunching the fall leaves and marveling at how the 4pm sun makes the trees glow.

Instead of struggling, go visit the ducks and stare up at the vultures and watch the squirrels bury their nuts.

They aren’t struggling, they’re hangin out. And you should too.

I. Give. You. Permission.