Happy December!

–} It’s the holidays! {–

I celebrated Hannukah growing up. Since my mother feels really uncomfortable around anything Christmas related, and never wants to partake in it, I always felt like I was watching the holidays from afar. Which was really pretty sad because… I love all things holidays!

People are (for the most part) extra friendly and happy. Everything is all sparkly and twinkly and cozy, and smells yummy. It’s like stepping into a cinnamon scented womb!

Fast forward to 2005. I had just moved to New York and went over to my friends’ place on Christmas. The three of us ate fish tacos, drank boozy egg nog and had a holiday movie marathon. It was fun times.

In 2006, we got together again, and upped our game. More people came. The host’s kitty donned a santa hat. There was champagne. It was officially a partay. And thus, Fishmas was born!

In the past seven years, Fishmas has grown, from three people eating tacos made of fish sticks and tartar sauce, to a packed apartment participating in the holiday of non-denominational, wintery raucous. We’re talkin’ freshly beer battered fish, homemade corn tortillas, a gift exchange, pumpkin infused burbon and… well… what happens at Fishmas stays at Fishmas, mmmmmmk!

While it might not *look* the same, it 100% *feels* like the holiday experience I always dreamed of as a kid! 

If your holiday isn’t everything you’ve always wanted, you officially have permission to make up your own perfect winter shenanigans.

This freedom of creation applies to your business, too.

Yup, whatever weird, crazy thing you might have squirming around in your brain… you have permission to let it out! I promise you, people will LOVE it!

And, if you’re not having fun with your biz the way it is right now, change it. For the love of god, get rid of what’s not making you happy!

gimme space!

gimme space!

–} And now, the gifts! {–

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