The other day I wrote this as an experiment in attracting clients:

Dear Universe & Angels:

I am so ready to serve and help. I am handing over the task of bringing me the clients who:

  • have issues that I can help them with
  • value me enough to pay for what I do
  • get the benefit of the process, want to learn about themselves, find a solution and have fun with it

<3 thank you!

After writing it, I felt completely liberated! I didn’t realize how much the pressure I had been putting on myself to get client attraction right. It felt euphoric to take myself out of the equation and just TRUST that someone else had it covered. A little cosmic delegation, if you will!

I looked at it, read it out loud… really FELT it!

And it felt GREAT!

And then… after about 24 hours… it lost it’s magic.

And I went spiraling downward… into DOUBTVILLE.

Doubtville looked like this:

  • What if the Universe & Angels don’t want to help me?
  • What if I can’t help people?
  • What if people don’t find value in working with me?
  • What if they don’t get the benefit of the process?

First of all, none of these thoughts are actually true…

  • The Universe & Angels are not malicious and they don’t choose favorites! They’ll help anyone and everyone.
  • I can help people. I help them everyday.
  • People invest in my services all the time, so they obviously see the value!
  • My process gets results. People want results. Therefore, people see benefit in the process.

So why the doubting then?

When I dug a little deeper, I came up with…

A desire to fail.


Why on earth would I WANT to prove I can fail?

Logically speaking, that’s so effing ridiculous!

BECAUSE, that’s the tricky stuff that our mental monkeys do. They twist everything around and lead us in crazy pursuits to prove right these crappy things we agreed to believe about ourselves.

We all have wacky/crappy stuff we started believing at some point in the past.

As true as these beliefs might feel, they AREN’T!

If you’re saying, BUT MARA, I HAVE PROOF!

You sure do. You can engineer some proof to support any idea about yourself you come up with. That doesn’t make it true.

Whatever you choose to believe about yourself is what’s gonna show up on your plate. You want to believe that you’re lame or not worth it or broke or confused or the world hates you and that all dogs pee on your bike and crazy homeless men follow you around, you will continue to prove yourself right OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

You have a choice: You can walk around looking for proof that you suck and the world hates you OR you can start looking for proof that confirms just how effing awesome you are.

Because you are really damn awesome.  <– Click to tweet!  You’re pure love, baby!


(ps – this is what getting out of your own way means!)

So… tell me, where are you letting the monkeys have their way with you?! What are you going to do to take back control and choose awesome?!

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