This is the super random power of #intuitive #art… I just casually glanced over at this finished painting, which just happened to be upside down on my desk, and noticed it was a face with massive #energy coming from the throat and 3rd eye #chakras. The funny thing is that I drew it the other way and didn’t like it so I just casually painted it in using it as a #play space for #watercolors which made me hate it even more. And so it sat on my desk and got shuffled around and then BAM!!! I see it upside down and am STRUCK by this face I was creating without even noticing who popped up later at the perfect time to deliver a very #powerful #psychic message. Sometimes things come into our lives and they look ugly and confusing and we want to reject them. And then it later becomes clear why they were there in the first place and they feel so necessary. Funny how life works, eh?! #BeDrawsome, bitches!!!
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