It’s Day 4 of The Be Drawsome! Challenge!

Today’s intention is LOVE.

First, pick someone or something to send love to. Start out by holding the intention of LOVE in your heart space for a moment or two. Really FEEL it.

Then draw. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it can just be a heart or a star or any sort of doodle. Just follow your intuition for a moment and draw whatever first pops into your head! Start with one shape and then draw the next and the next. And then you’ll have a DRAWING!

Do it small or do it large! In color or in black and white! NO RULES!!! When you post the drawing, TAG the person you’re sending it out to! If they aren’t on Instagram, send it to them another way.
OK! Let’s send some LOVE!! Today’s participant prize is the Unicorns are Jerks Coloring Book! #unicornsarejerkscoloringbook #unicornsarejerks
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