Shit has been getting really real.

I don’t know how you’ve been lately, but I know I’ve been feeling pretty stagnant for the past few months. Ever since the election.

While I truly believe that the intense political climate has a deeper purpose to wake us up and get us to care and right the wrongs going on in the world, I still plummet into a fear spin of despair at least once a day. It just plain hurts my heart to see the greater good of the whole being sold away to the highest bidder. Everyday I want to scream THIS IS NOT OKAY!

And while screaming from my couch while scrolling Facebook feels pretty cathartic, it doesn’t do much beyond that. And so, here is the pep talk…


What does that mean?

On the external side, this might look like getting involved in marches, protests, calling representatives, signing petitions, volunteering etc etc etc.

But equally as important, is the internal work that is needed from each of us. The external world is a reflection of our inner state. SO, it’s time for each of us to ask ourselves… am I truly creating my world to reflect what I REALLY want in life? Am I fulfilling my purpose on this planet or am I shying away because I’m afraid of rejection or failure?

Well, love,


What is the *the thing* for you? What is in your heart that you have been putting off?

Speaking your truth? Letting go of the past? Forgiving?

Is it a creative project or hobby? Is it a shift in your business?


Stop hiding from what your soul wants to express. Because, the more we’ve internally freed ourselves, the more that is reflected in our external world. That means that we won’t need to create a world where we feel powerless and imprisoned and continue to give our power away to external authority figures.

I support you to do whatever this thing is that you’ve been holding onto. I’m doing my own thing right along with you (more on that later!).

If you’d like a safe space to proclaim what it is you’re going to take action on and get some encouragement, comment below or write to me here! I am all ears. Non-judgemental ears.

And, if there is any way I can be of service to your thing, please be in touch. I work with people in several ways AND I will be donating 10% from all sales to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood or another organization of your choice that is helping to bring more love and support into the world right now:

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2. Consulting/Strategy sessions. If you would like support in getting started or mapping out your branding, digital product, online course, website, book a session here. If you’re wondering if a strategy session is right for you, respond to this email and let’s figure that out.

3. Be Drawsome the 30 day drawing course. This happens online so you can work through it from the comfort of your own home. This course is 30 days of drawing prompts that help you tap into your inner most feels and use that as fuel for your creativity. You don’t need any drawing or art background/experience to succeed in this experience. It’s all intuition based. You will learn to draw mandalas and to listen to your inner voice. It’s only $60 to play. As Brene Brown says “There is no such thing as ‘creative people’ – there are people who use their creativity and those who don’t and that does not go without penalty. Unused creativity is not benign, it’s dangerous, it metastasizes, it turns into grief and judgement and rage and poison.” Sign up here.

4. My etsy store. If you’d like some original art to fill your life with more high vibes, check out my watercolor paintings here. I also do commissions if you have something specific in mind. I’d love to create something special for you, your business or your loved one! Get in touch if you have an idea or need.

Much love and peace to you!