30 days of drawing to unlock your creativity

For Anyone
{Artists and Non-Artists}

“There is no such thing as ‘creative people’ – there are people who use their creativity and those who don’t and that does not go without penalty. Unused creativity is not benign, it’s dangerous, it metastasizes, it turns into grief and judgement and rage and poison.” – Brené Brown

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This workshop takes you through discovering your own creative process. It’s about recognizing how your inspiration and intuition come through and then we practice putting them to use.

So many of us carry around inspiration shame. From some time when we were wee humans, just bouncing along, acting from this pure creative force that lives in all of us. And then someone came along and said NO, that’s not okay or that’s not good enough or that’s too much or be quiet or sit still or or or… And so we shut down access to that creative flow because we thought we had to in order to get the love and support we needed to survive.

Well, it’s time to reclaim it and open that channel back up!

We’ll be using art making to regain access to this deep and powerful piece of ourselves.

This is your raw creativity. It’s your birthright. Your purpose. Your connection to your whole self. There is no one left to be pleasing to but yourself.

This workshop isn’t about artistic skill or making pretty pictures, it does not matter one bit if you can draw or paint. This is not about technical drawing. This is not about doing it ‘perfectly.’

There’s no right or wrong way to make art –
it’s about just being open to what comes through you.

When you learn to accept your way of making art, you’re giving yourself permission to follow your inspiration and create in any and all areas of life, not just art. It becomes a deep acceptance your fundamental existence.

Opening your creative channel enables you to start going after what you really want in life. You’ll be able to…

Put yourself out in the world in new ways.

Make decisions more easily and trust yourself.

Have more energy and clarity.

Let go of stress and health issues that are holding you back.

Stand up for yourself.


painting drawing painting

Artist or not, all you need is an interest in trying it out. I promise.

  • If you can hold a pen, draw straight-ish and curved lines, you can do this.
  • If you ever doodle, EVER – I’m talking shapes, lines, people, animals, plants, spirals, in the margins of your notebook… WHATEVER! – you will love this.
  • If you’re constantly seeking out ways to grow and push yourself, try art!
  • If you have a hard time expressing your true feeling about things, this can help you figure how.
  • If you have trouble meditating, this is a great alternative to calming and centering yourself.
  • If you are an artist, this workshop will push you to find and deepen your creative voice.

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What is it?

  • 30 days of email prompts that call on your intuition and guide you to develop an art making practice that ignites the creative being that you are
  • A secret Facebook group to meet and interact with other members of Team Drawsome and share your drawings. Practicing putting yourself out there can be a big step in your creative journey.

Even more reasons to draw!!!

  • Reduce stress and RELAX! This practice has a calming and meditative effect
  • Clear your head. Drawing distracts you long enough so that you can forget about your problems. And then, come back later with a fresh perspective and be able to approach them in new ways
  • Work through blocks in energy so you can release the uncomfortable stuff – like stuckage, fear, sadness, disappointment, anxiety
  • Manifest things you want in your life by incorporating intention into your drawing practice
  • Repair and reinforce energetic boundaries
  • Explore your blindspots and limiting beliefs
  • Express feelings you may not be able to put into words
  • Develop your intuition and learn to trust it.
  • Explore things like: Mandalas, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Color, Symbols. A lot of what you draw might even be beyond what you intellectually understand but are intuitively showing yourself shapes and colors that are transformative for you to see

and… Did I meantion… IT’S JUST FRIGGIN FUN!!!


How does it work?

  • After you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email that talks about choosing materials, gives you a chance to acquire them and provides a warm-up exercise to practice so you can dive right in when the prompts start arriving
  • Once the workshop starts, every day for 30 days you will receive an email with a prompt. These prompts guide you through exploring yourself and your creativity via art making – sometimes these are very specific things to draw and sometimes they are more open
  • You are welcome to draw publicly or privately – group participation is not required – the group is there so you can connect with other peeps who are also doing the Drawsome thang and get and give support on this journey – after the 30 days, you’ll move over to the alumni group, to keep drawing and playing indefinitely!
  • You can move through the prompts at whatever pace suits you, pausing to explore one for multiple days, if that strikes your fancy, or to take a break – it’s a 30 day workshop but you aren’t required to finish all the prompts in 30 days. The goal is to access and play with your creativity, not stress yourself into a tizzy.

Materials required:

  • An amount of time you are committed to setting aside to make art. How much, and when, is up to you – as few as 10 minutes every other day will do it!
  • Paper and implements that you feel especially inspired by – pen, pencil, markers, paints, lipstick… (I will also send out my personal faves and tips for using them with the warm up exercises.)
  • A journal for making notes about your drawing process and drawing realizations

painting drawing painting

It’s time to rediscover your creativity!

But don’t just take MY word for it! Here’s what people have to say about Be Drawsome… (click an image)

About your Guide

me+tigerHi! I’m Mara. Lover of art making and professional transformationalist.

In my non-artsy-ing time, I work as a web designer, building fun and edgy websites for people who want to make the world a better place.

I loved making art as a kid. I later went on to art school and then became a graphic designer. More recently, I started paying closer attention to the actual, concrete benefits of an art practice on the psyche. And the more aware and intentional I got with it, the more creativity I unblocked and the more powerful my life became. At which point, I was like… holy crap! WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE DO THIS?!! And thus, this workshop was born.

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You will surprise yourself with the amount of creativity you have living deep down inside you and what you can do by tapping into your intuition and just letting yourself… MAKE ART.

(Yes, everyone is allowed to do that, even YOU!)

Ready? Let’s DRAW!

When: Registration is open now!
Investment: There are 3 payment options:

BUY NOW! $90

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