A step-by-step process to embody your creativity, channel spirit, and speak your truth into the creation of an oracle deck



A step-by-step process to embody your creativity, channel spirit, and speak your truth into the creation of an oracle deck

Do you dream of having your own oracle deck?

Do you spend time consulting oracle and tarot decks for personal or business guidance?

What if you could have your own deck, birthed as a co-creation between you and spirit ~

A deck you created by tapping into your higher self, spirit, and your most authentic voice ~

A deck that speaks to you in your specific patterns, themes, inspirations, mantras ~ always delivering the perfect message.

If you’re saying YES! then this journey is for you.




I specifically designed “Channel Your Oracle Deck” with coaches, healers, creatives, and heart-centered entrepreneurs in mind because we rely on our creativity to do pretty much everything! Create content and courses, solve problems, magnetize clients.

So it is imperative for us to keep our creative channels CLEAR otherwise we start to hit up against fear, stuckness, confusion, burnout. Lose direction, lose our connection with our purpose and clarity of vision, lose excitement. Business starts to feel like a drag and we feel resentful and can’t move forward.

The PROCESS of creating these oracle decks are an invaluable tool for you to keep your creativity flowing, and in the end, you will have a deck with your brilliant intuitive wisdom and healing art that you can even go on to get professionally printed and share with your clients or sell as a product.

Even if you have zero prior art, writing, or channelling experience, you can do these intuitive art + writing processes.

What you’ll discover:

  • How to make your very own oracle deck, channeled from spirit
  • New ways to express yourself, and get to know yourself, creatively
  • What lives beyond YOUR creative blocks ~ Reclaim the pieces of your free self expression that you lost along the way – your creativity, vibrancy, zest for life
  • How to express yourself from your own place of inner trust and inner authority ~ speak your truth
  • A creative mindfulness practice to balance a busy life that provides a structure to take a break from screen time and create with your hands ~ a simple, relaxing, and fun way to support your mental health and wellbeing
  • Consistent connection to your Inspiration and Intuition so you can make art you LOVE {And, as an added bonus, you can even turn your divinely channeled masterpieces into purpose-aligned content for newsletters and social media posts.}

This guided creative experience is perfect for you if:

  • You use oracle or tarot decks and would love to create your own deck tailored specifically to what you’re working with
  • You’d like to have a deck to bring YOUR brilliant wisdom and guidance to your client sessions rather than inspiring your clients with someone else’s words
  • You want to take a break from working and do something relaxing and fun just for yourself while also exploring your creativity or intuition
  • You feel deeply moved by art but feel frustrated by not being able to make it look how you see it in your mind’s eye
  • You don’t make art regularly and wouldn’t even know where to start but would like to
  • You would like to experience the freedom that comes from engaging with your inner child through play


Each Module includes live guided processes where you will create several Oracle Cards + Channeled messages from the Divine. 

You end up with a fully formed deck that you can turn to when you’re feeling: stuck, confused, making decisions, major transitions, in ritual and ceremony, for encouragement and affirmation.

You’re going to feel seen, heard, guided ~ it’s like having your own private counseling session right in the palm of your hand.


Meet the Soul of Your Deck

  • Vision Activation: Get clear on the vision for your deck
  • Design a Ritual for your creative process
  • Set a Powerful Intention for your Deck


Craft a Transformation

  • Connect with the Transformation your Deck is destined to bring
  • Map your deck through the stages of Breakthrough
  • Learn to use the Inner Critic as your biggest source of Inspiration


Discover the Voice of your Deck

  • Find Your Visual Style
  • Master the art of Writing that’s Channeled from Spirit
  • Learn the 3 Keys to Reliable Connection to your Intuition


Unblock Your Creativity

  • Release the story-lines blocking connection to your creativity
  • Exercises to move stuck + uninspired energy
  • Learn the mindset needed for making meaningful intuitive art


Using Your Deck

  • Completion Ceremony to activate and attune your deck for use
  • Tools to use your deck
  • Integrate the transformation you created

Get Your Deck Printed

11am-4pm, Feb 2022
{$1297 Value}

  • Designing your deck
  • Prepping your art for print
  • Creating the Booklet
  • Choosing a printer
  • Done-for-you print templates

Be Drawsome Mandala Drawing Playshop

$697 Value, online

  • Use art as a mindfulness practice
  • Learn to amplify your Intentions with Mandalas
  • Explore your personal Visual Voice with Intuitive Art

Meet Your Creative Guide

90min, Mon Nov 15
$497 Value

  • Meet the unseen guide here to support YOUR creativity
  • Create a portrait of your guide to keep in your creative space
  • Setup a creativity altar to keep you inspired

What’s included in this

LIVE Activation Ceremonies to Align you with the Soul of YOUR Oracle Deck

LIVE classes to open you to the different ways that creativity and channeling are accessed (we’ll also be making an oracle card in each of these classes)

Oracle Success Toolkit full of Classes & Resources to keep your Inspiration Ignited and Your Creative Flow Unblocked

Private Forum full of Oracle Creators ~ sharing inspiration and accountability

Yes! I’m ready to enroll!

($200 SAVINGS)


Speak the truth you are here to share

This program is not about making perfect, pretty, art.

While every class in this program will take you through a guided intuitive inquiry ~ using art and writing ~ to create an Oracle Card, it’s truly about diving deep into your creative heart and soul ~ gently cradled to authentically express what’s there. When you let go of the end result, trust yourself and the process, you can surprise and delight yourself with the powerful and meaningful art you have the capacity and capability to create.

Yes! Even if you have never created before.

When you are willing to move from the known to the unknown in these processes, you have the power to feel more deeply connected to your creative life force, self love, and aligned purpose.

Consider this program a permission slip to 100% BE and DO YOU.

In the end… the by product is that you will have a gorgeous and meaningful oracle deck, make completely BY YOU, FOR YOU. And that you can go on to share, and inspire transformation in others.

Meet The Facilitator

Mara Belzer is a Creativity Coach who guides artists, the creatively curious, and adults who have forgotten how to play to use art as a way to reignite their creative passionate selves so they can live a more fully expressed life.

Her whole life has been dedicated to exploring creativity and intuition as a way to go deeper into herself, and the mystery of the unknown. This mission is driven by an insatiable need for freedom and a curiosity to venture far beyond what can be seen and known merely at the human 3D level. As well as a desire to be ever peeling back the layers to let go of all falseness and claiming true, lasting healing. She received her first tarot deck at the age of 14 and has been hooked on divination cards ever since. At some point, many years ago, she started creating her own oracle cards as a way to connect to her own inner wisdom and learn to trust herself.

She now takes others on this journey to do the same. She believes everyone is creative, and has the capacity to make powerful, meaningful, intuitively channeled art. YES, even YOU!

She has a BA in Media + Studio Art, over 20 years of graphic design experience, is a certified Intentional Creativity® Coach, Akashic Records reader, and graduate of Magdalen University Energy Work & Psychic Reading School for Practitioners.

What clients are saying

“Mara’s programs unlocked my hidden creativity. I was always so scared to start drawing, afraid I’d make a mistake or it would look bad. Mara’s course taught me that there are no wrong marks and that you just need to put pen to paper to get it flowing. I couldn’t believe how therapeutic drawing was! I also learned a lot about myself. Intuitive drawing brought my attention to thoughts I hadn’t acknowledged. Addressing these thoughts freed me. Now, whenever I need to work through some issues, I get out my sketch book and start drawing!”



“As a child, I was always very creative. However, since I grew up in a very practical environment my creativity was never celebrated or encouraged. So as I grew older I shut down that part of me. I always had a desire to draw again but never knew how to get started. Mara’s program ended up being the perfect avenue for me. It provided me a framework to work with while also allowing the freedom to find my own style. I love being creative again!!! This is a mandala that I drew while I was at our local Shakespeare theater, a place where I always feel inspired. Thank you Mara for providing such an open and supportive space to find that creativity again.”


“I LOVED your course and would totally do it again. I’m drawing almost nightly now .. just for fun and exploring this whole new “intuitive healing drawings” I seem to be able to channel. THANK YOU!”


“Got my biggest graphic facilitation gig haha…drawing for a retreat for 6 days! SO HAPPY!!! I’m so crediting this group for giving me the courage to love my art. I love Mara to pieces, she has helped me through so many things.”


“I’ve always been an inveterate doodler, helps me learn…with all the study I’ve been doing recently in the metaphysical realm, drawing helps me unlock ‘stuck’ energy, in a similar way to doing energy work, meditating or writing.

During one of the drawings, I had to run downstairs and get some pastels, haven’t used them in years…so kind of like channeling in the sense that I was ‘told’ what to do or drawn to it. I was almost shaking with excitement since I had a full-body sense of what I was trying to put across and I wanted to do it NOW. With energy work it’s all about the practitioner getting out of the way. The more I do that with drawing (for me), the more fun it is and the less the result matters, and yet somehow is still a great result. The best energy sessions are the ones where I get out of my own way.

There is also an end result, which is luvverly!”


Energy Healer

“Mara, thank you so so so much for the drawsomeness! A lot or crappy stuff happened over this 30 days and I had a new coping tool – drawing. I drew when I needed to feel better, or I thought about drawing when I couldn’t. Drawing held my hand through a difficult time, and continues to, and will for a long time. I’m so so so happy I signed up, so happy I got drawing in my toolbox, and so happy I’ve got drawing assignments in my email if I ever feel stuck. Yay drawing! it makes me feel so drawsome!”


“Mara’s program was such an inspiring start for a newbie to draw. I’ve been terrified of drawing all my life. This had structure, but no rules. Awesome.

I learned that I’m ALLOWED to draw. What? Put that in your copy somewhere for all of us who had 2nd grade teachers that told us to give up immediately!

I learned to focus, to take time out for myself. Seriously, that was the best part.

I love the FB group for accountability and to see what others are doing. And buying shit tons of drawing materials. That was fun and made me feel empowered :-)”


Social Media Manager

“Being a trained coach and working commercial artist, I’ve found myself thinking “why didn’t I think of that” regarding Mara’s programs. I find it a brilliant tool that incorporates an accessible type of art form with the intention of personal development. It’s incredibly fun and freeing! Mara’s created a great community and space. Although I tend to express myself with a camera or within my daily work, I think I’ll always refresh myself with a dose of drawsomeness for as long as it’s available.”



“I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Mara in two different arenas – with her drawing course and as a coaching client – and I consider both instances to be worth their respective weights in gold. In my private practice as a wisdom woman, my primary tools when I work with my clients are intuition and creativity so her program was an engaging, freeing and uplifting tool for me to exercise and maintain my connection while also building on it. If you want to take baby steps towards hearing and seeing yourself from a place of greater clarity, don’t hesitate – this is the program for you!”



“Drawing gave me time for me to play and to spend with my son. It makes me feel happy (even when Im feeling sad).”



“I am forever grateful to Mara for bringing drawing back into my life. It’s such a gift!”



“AWESOME class! I do a lot of meditative practices and I feel so grateful to have another one I can lean on. I also see my drawing ability increasing which is so fun to experience!”


“I was having one of those days when I needed to get a lot done for my business and I felt SO BLOCKED. Usually I drink more coffee or waste time on Facebook, but I decided to jump on Mara’s Intuitive art class and it totally changed my whole day. I watched my creation come alive on paper and I realized that I had a big unresolved resistance to finishing projects. As I put the finishing touches on my art piece I felt really calm and reenergized. It stirred up a lot of creative juice and I had a blast laughing with Mara and dancing around. I was able to finish my newsletter and even came up with ideas for my next launch. I’ll be back!”


“Channel Your Oracle Deck” is a community for friends of all races, genders, orientations, religions, stars, planets, galaxies etc. In essence, YOU are welcome here ~ and not just welcome, but whatever unique expression you hold is celebrated in this space. {The one thing we don’t welcome is judgement and discrimination.}


When are the classes?

The classes are Tuesday evenings 6-8pm pacific time. All classes are recorded and will be available on the class portal for you to watch at your leisure. The last Tuesday of each month is an integration week and there will be no class to honor that space.

I don't know how to make intuitive art or channeled writing ~ is this class for me?

YES! This program is for all skill levels. Anyone can make this type of art, regardless of prior experience. The created processes are designed to hold your hand the entire way. If you can hold a pen and draw a circle imperfectly, you can do this. You can’t do this type of art wrong. If you’re feeling intrigued by this program, it’s for you 🙂 

I'm already an artist, is this program for me?

YES! This program is for artists as well. This program will introduce new ways of exploring your inspiration and style. If you’re feeling intrigued by this program, it’s for you 🙂

What techniques will you be teaching?

Though I will, at times, show some basic skills with different materials, this program is not technique based from the perspective of specific mediums. This program teaches *process art* which means guiding you through a step by step process where you mine your inner landscape for material. It’s art for self-awareness and expressing our soul ~ feelings, thoughts, desires etc. We’ll be relying on our intuition and connection to self and spirit more than specific materials.

Is this a group program or 1-on-1?

This is a group program. All the classes and Q&A sessions will be done in a group format. The power of group work is scientifically proven to help members of the group to create more breakthroughs around committing and accountability because the energy of the group is able to carry everyone’s needs. You are not required to show up in any group settings ~ if you are squeamish or shy in groups, you can always catch the recordings. This is a safe space to practice being seen and allow yourself to be supported by a group.

What kind of supplies will I need?

This program is designed to orient around very minimal supplies. We will be collecting supplies as part of the first module. In most cases, you can use whatever you already own.

Yes! I’m ready to enroll!

($200 SAVINGS)