Does your website come with a disclaimer??

And I don’t mean the legal kind at the bottom of the page that tells people to keep their paws off your content.

I’m referring to the kind where you reluctantly fork over the URL and something along the lines of…


…tumbles awkwardly out of your mouth while you silently pray that they bypass the part where they look at your website and skip straight to the strategy call, instead. Because, you excel at strategy calls!

Web design, on the other hand… well, you made it work when you started your business and had all the time and energy in the world, but none of the money. Putting together your own website is the perfect thing to do when you’re first starting out and low on funds. It enables you *actually* get STARTED.

But then, once you’ve been in business for a while, your homemade website starts to feel like the equivalent of wearing laundry day clothes to an important business meeting. And that creates an energetic block around inviting more clients into your life.

INTRODUCING: The All-Inclusive Website

That means branding, design and development. The same eyes on all your moving parts.

Yes, having your site done by me is just like sitting on the beach, sipping piña coladas while getting a massage. I take care of all the aspects: branding, design and development. Which means all you have to do is show up, sit back and enjoy the view. In the end, you’ll walk away with a gorgeous site that FEELS like a luxury brand.

What’s included:

Branding + Design

I’ll take you through my specialized branding process to establish the best design that will get people excited about YOU and your business! This portion includes a 45-60 minute branding session over the phone/skype to give us a clear picture of the visuals for your site.


A type treatment designed specifically to represent your brand. Something memorable and easy to absorb. This is the backbone of your site. All other elements are built around the logo.

A WordPress theme built specifically for YOUR business needs, desires and goals

Specially designed and coded with the goal of keeping visitors interested, excited and checking out every last nook and cranny of your site. We’ll design something perfect for YOUR business. That means your website will not look like anything else out there.

Includes, but not limited to: banner(s), navigation, optin bar, footer, SEO and marketing ready, willing and able.

Multiple layouts for you to choose from during the future use of your site. For example: sidebar pages for general content and full width pages for sales pages.

All your content, laid out and loaded up

All you have to do is provide the content and I will load it into the site and make it pretty.

All the graphics, badges, forms, optins you can dream of!

Mailing list optins for special offers, contact forms and program application forms. Special branded graphics for all your programs, on-brand ‘buy now’ buttons, badges for your sidebar.

Fancy Blog layout

A unique and memorable design for your blog posts, making it interesting to look at and that highlights your amazing content. This is something that will stand out in the minds of your visitors, bringing them back for more.

Widgets Widgets Widgets and Plugins

Setup and styling of additional widgets and plugins to enhance the usability and effectiveness of your site and match your branding.

PLUS! These BONUS EXTRAS to give you cohesive branding across all your online tools

On-brand Facebook page, Twitter profile + Newsletter template

To keep all aspects of your business streamlined and cohesive, creating a visually recognizable and strong brand.

Facebook + Twitter
Cover/background images to match your new site’s look and feel

Optin forms and newsletter template to match your new branding – includes: banner graphic, section graphics and on-brand fonts/colors

Brand Guide

A map of your brand – fonts, colors, images, design elements – so that you will be able to recreate your own branded content pages and graphics once this project is over.

The Ultimate Web Domination Training eBook:
From Web Zero to Web Hero

WordPress • Social media • SEO • How-to, Tips and Tricks

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“Mara was gentle and creative in guiding me through building my website. I was scared to be more visible online, and pretty technologically challenged, but she took me through step by step, offering insight, ideas, and support. I’m totally thrilled with the result, we created something together that suits me completely, and is super pretty to boot. Clients who find me through my site often comment on how much they like it, and how “me” it is. My website is an online presence that I actually feel proud of, and makes me feel comfortable becoming more visible. In short, Mara is simply brilliant to work with.

Britta Plug, Holistic Skin Guru

My website redesign with Mara has given me a new found confidence – I’ve started putting myself out there all over the place knowing that I had the web presence to back it up. Since working with Mara two months ago I’ve booked over 10 speaking engagements and appearances!

Licia Morelli, writer. psychic. coach.

Working with Mara was a visual dream! She was able to take my ideas and bring them to colorful life as well as give me helpful suggestions to make my site really pop and come to life. I’m sooooo happy I finally invested in working with Mara! In addition to being a fantastic graphic designer she also takes the time to help you sort out branding and come up with fun launch strategies to bring more eyes to your site!

AND, my mailing list grew by a third just in the first week we launched the site!!

Anna Long, Intuitive Business Strategist

I know, investing in a website can be scary business:

…you think that you don’t know what you want! (Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here!)
…you think you “can’t afford it” (It may not be “cheap”, but how much money are you losing out on with your current websit. And, I offer very flexible payment plans.)
…you won’t be able to do your own edits and updates!!! (Yes you will, I use an easy to edit theme and you will be able to make changes all by yourself!)

I got you, let’s chat! Get started here.

A sampling of ‘The All Inclusive Website’

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