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How to OWN YOUR WEIRD in your branding and marketing

I drew this! Utilizing my doodles for blog posts. Score!

Do you ever have moments where you’re super frustrated with yourself about a thing you just can’t seem to stop doing?

Maybe it’s that you heard through water cooler gossip that your boss thinks you socialize too much.

Or that your brain won’t stop coming up with ideas. There’s so many ideas that you can’t stick to one long enough to get anything done.

Or you can’t stop Pinning and Instagraming.

Or you’re completely obsessed with your cat and think of her as your guru.

You doodle all day long, peruse DIY blogs and your dvr is 98% full of reality tv

Guess what!

These are not vices. Don’t stop doing them. Own them and leverage them.

Contrary to what your boss or your mom or your high school nemesis might say… Things you love to do hold tons of wisdom about what you’re meant to be doing with your life. <– click to tweet that!

You just have to get creative and figure out how to use them to your advantage.

That last one is mine. I am completely obsessed with reality tv. There, I said it.

I used to make myself miserable with all the internal berating about wasting time and being lazy. But, once I realized how many branding and marketing lessons I was getting from watching reality tv, it became fodder for my biz.

Yes, I now consider tv time to be research time!

You can leverage your ‘bad habits’ too!

Start a forum so you can socialize all you want!

Put your idea generation powers up for sale!

Build a marketing strategy around Pinterest and Instagram!

Start a video series featuring life lessons a la Mister FluffyPants!

Start seeing your doodles as the art they are and put them in an Etsy store!

Share your DIY stories on a blog of your own!

So, what are your guilty pleasures? And, how can you spin them into something you can capitalize on?

If you aren’t sure, I can help! Get in touch or sign-up for the Own Your Weird program and transform your vices into virtues.

gimme space!

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Leverage your special breed of WEIRD in your business!

Do you know your idiosyncrasies??

They might be pain points from your past… things you got teased for, shamed over and generally embarrassed about.

But here’s the thing, you aren’t a kid on the school yard anymore or vying for love from your parents.

And the good news about that?

You have permission to CELEBRATE these qualities. 

That’s right, you can stop hiding them and instead, LEVERAGE them to serve you.

This is the foundation of bringing the weird out in your biz.

Lemme show you, here are a few of my idiosyncrasies and how I’m leveraging them in my biz:

  1. The unique and WEIRD. — I help people celebrate their weird (this is getting meta!)
  2. Fresh ideas – millions of them! — Creative brainstorming for branding and marketing strategies
  3. Getting REALLY excited about things — Providing encouragement, cheerleading, accountability
  4. Being really sensitive — I use my intuitive gifts to help people dig out the root of what’s going on
  5. Spirit animals — Stay tuned, this is coming soon!
  6. Geometric shapes — I’ve been a graphic/web designer since 1998
  7. Talking in funny voices — General entertainment and laughs

So, what about you? What are those qualities you (or others) have deemed too weird for public?

Make a list. And then, do a little brainstorming about how you can leverage them to your advantage.

Share them in the comments for bonus points!!

gimme space!


gimme space!

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