“Mara was gentle and creative in guiding me through building my website. I was scared to be more visible online, and pretty technologically challenged, but she took me through step by step, offering insight, ideas, and support. I’m totally thrilled with the result, we created something together that suits me completely, and is super pretty to boot. Clients who find me through my site often comment on how much they like it, and how “me” it is. My website is an online presence that I actually feel proud of, and makes me feel comfortable becoming more visible. In short, Mara is simply brilliant to work with.

Britta Plug, Holistic Skin Guru

My website redesign with Mara has given me a new found confidence – I’ve started putting myself out there all over the place knowing that I had the web presence to back it up. Since working with Mara two months ago I’ve booked over 10 speaking engagements and appearances!

Licia Morelli, writer. psychic. coach.

Working with Mara was a visual dream! She was able to take my ideas and bring them to colorful life as well as give me helpful suggestions to make my site really pop and come to life. I’m sooooo happy I finally invested in working with Mara! In addition to being a fantastic graphic designer she also takes the time to help you sort out branding and come up with fun launch strategies to bring more eyes to your site!

AND, my mailing list grew by a third just in the first week we launched the site!!

Anna Long, Intuitive Business Strategist

I was referred to Mara by a colleague of mine because I was so impressed with the look of her telesummit that Mara had designed.

Mara continued to impress me in our work together. She brought to life a gift I created for my clients to help them with learning how to conquer their cravings. It was exactly what I had pictured in my mind and now people rave about and offer to buy it from me. It’s an amazing tool that is a refrigerator magnet and without the graphics it wouldn’t make sense conceptually.

The best part was she got me, my branding and my work. It was a no brainer to hire her to create the look of my telesummit The process was seamless and fun! We collaborated the entire way and she is so on the ball with any suggestions or changes I would want to make. She again took my idea and words and turned them into a vision, a product for my business that I am proud of and was excited to share. My summit was a huge success and when you are partnering with big names, they want to put their face and name on a product that is professional and aesthetically pleasing. I know this had an impact on how well my summit did.

Working with Mara is a partnership, she wants you to succeed and shares her insight on how best to do that from her area of expertise. I love working with her and have referred her to everyone I know!

Melissa Kathryn, Ideal Body & Lifestyle Expert CHHC, AADP,

Before working with Mara, I could certainly use more clients, and my list growth had stalled a little bit. I’d been putting off implementing strategies that I know could grow my list because I disliked my current website. I didn’t really feel like my old branding jived with who I am, how I act, and how I *want* to act in my business/with my clients.

Since working with Mara, I’ve gotten lots of new clients, to the point of my programs being fully booked, and TONS of compliments on my branding. She seemed to “get” me REALLY fast, and translate my personality into branding incredibly accurately.

The fact that I love the new branding so much lets me talk about it with a lot of enthusiasm and send people to it happily, which I think people pick up on. I also think it’s had something to do with the uptick in business since the relaunch, because there’s perfect congruence between me and my site.

Mara helped me get really clear on what my next best steps should be and gave me some fresh insight into opportunities that I might have missed otherwise.

Overall, an awesome experience as a client. Her enthusiasm made me feel like I was going to get taken care of really well. I loved working with Mara, she’s a great guide through the process of branding.

Michelle Nickolaisen, Project Wrangler,

When I first met Mara, I was struggling to find my way back to the me I knew existed under all the accumulated layers of non-me. I was frustrated and unsure, trying to figure out how to incorporate my love for the pioneers (and aspirations to be one!) into my new editing services. Blending the two somehow felt right, but I was afraid to alienate people by narrowing my ideal client down too far — or by letting too much weird out into my site.

Chatting with Mara really helped me clarify why I feel so attached to the pioneer theme and how it might fit in with my existing site. And I felt like I’d been given permission (and encouragement!) to go ahead and give it a try — the push I needed to put myself out there.

Shortly after our session I wrote and launched ‘The Pioneers’ Manifesto’ and added editing services to my website, both of which have brought awesome feedback from readers and even a few new clients.

But that’s not all. Months after that single conversation with Mara, I began redesigning my website. Though I’d thought I had no idea how to express the feel of my business visually, hanging onto my newly renewed connection with my love for the pioneers got me from blank canvas to a website I absolutely adore. From design to copy, it just feels like me.

The childhood obsession Mara gave me permission to embrace will, I have no doubt, continue to serve as a guiding force for my business as I move forward.

Erin Kurup, Editor,, Download ‘The Pioneers’ Manifesto’!

I’m going through a rebranding process and I was feeling a little stuck on which direction to take my site. I had lots of ideas but I couldn’t pin any of them down. Mara nailed my golden nugget inside of 10 minutes and gave me clarity on where to take my brand next! She picked up on a part of my process that was unique to me because of my background as a journalist. I felt like she really got me right away. I really enjoyed talking to Mara, she asks great questions.

Denise Mooney, Copywriter,

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Mara Belzer in pushing my business to a new level. She is fantastic — I learned so much about myself because she is so adept at asking the right questions. Especially the questions that address my fear in moving forward or taking a leap.

Susan Yee, Photographer,

I came to Mara because I was looking for a way to market my brand…How do I sell it? How do I get clients? How do I let people know I exist?

She showed me that I am farther along that I thought. I came away with a feeling that I have found someone who gets me and can assist me in world domination and the making of Luminatrix Warriors.

Mara’s listening skills, ability to focus someone like me who has the attention span of a squirrel when discussing something that intimidates me. The giggles and common ground were also an added bonus.

Renee Magnusson, Life Whisperer,

What I thought I was struggling with was bringing my full personality to my online presence – that is, I thought I had a strategic problem.

I discovered that my real problem wasn’t strategic; it was confidence-related. The long and short of it is that I got a total paradigm shift on success, resulting in my getting more out of the session than I ever thought I would going in. What I got blew what I thought I wanted out of the water. It was like hoping for a sandwich and getting a feast. That kind of result is the best.

This kind of change of mind that I underwent is exactly the kind of thing I want to help encourage in others. Having the chance to experience it from this side is awesome, because it shows to me that I practise what I preach, in a sense, and because it means I’ll be able to empathize with what’s going on with people in this kind of situation, because I’ve gone through it, too. So, I wanted to thank you for that. It’s like I’ve gained a super power, thanks to you. 🙂

Also, I wanted to tell you that you ask good questions. It was having to answer questions that I hadn’t thought of or hadn’t fully considered before that did the heavy work of pushing me out of the rut I’d fallen into. Never underestimate the transformative power of one, well-placed question.

Thea van Diepen,

Mara managed in ten minutes to dig me out of the hole I’ve spent the past two months wandering out in! I’ve come away with two clear actions I can take in the next 24 hours that will really push me further towards where I want to be. That’s seriously amazeballs.

Jenny Jameson, Not Just Another VA,

When I first started working with Mara, I was lost in the web. I needed to be found, identified for what I do and selling my products. I was hoping she would help me clarify and present my focus and hone in on what I offer and how I can help people in my area of expertise.

Mara was easy to work with. During our branding consultation, she captured the essence of my ideas and implemented the feel of the branding I envisioned. It expresses my personality.

Kat Smith, Love & Relationship Expert,

“Working with Mara was awesome!  I was putting off making a Facebook page because I was feeling overwhelmed – I had to write new info, learn about Timeline (which was shinny and new at the time) and was immobilized.  Mara helped bring this to light so I could move past my overwhelm.  She explained the Timeline changes in easy to understand ways and walked me through what I needed to do to make a GREAT Facebook page.  The follow up session was perfect!  As can be expected, a bunch of little questions came up while I was making my page and she was great at answering them and giving me the tools to build a community of fans on my page.  Anyone who hasn’t optimized Timeline on their Facebook page should, and Mara is a great resource for showing you how.”

Fiona C. (re: Pimp Your Facebook)

I’m a recent grad with a masters in Urban Design and I’m having a hard time deciding what direction to take in my career. I wasn’t sure how to assert myself as an expert in my field. Mara was very thoughtful in suggesting ways to achieve my goals and even connected me with people in her network to further my goals!

I got a good sense of what steps I should take, like starting a blog, teaching classes, and reaching out on a small community scale.

Hannah Zingre, Urban Design

Mara helped me to discover the most efficient way to take steps toward my business goals. She also helped me avoid several business “blind-spots” that would otherwise have cost me more time and effort.

Nathan E.

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